"Lincoln's Greatest Journey," Noah Trudeau

Mar 6 2018 - 7:00pm

Lincoln’s Greatest Journey” will be discussed at the Brunswick Civil War Round Table meeting on Tuesday, March 6th when noted Civil War historian and author Noah Trudeau will be the guest speaker.

Trudeau will share his insights into this significant event, and one of the last and least known trips ever taken by president Abraham Lincoln. For eighteen of the twenty one days immediately prior to his assassination, Lincoln was away from Washington. With his wife, son, and a small staff, he journeyed to City Point (now Hopewell), Virginia in March and April, 1865 to be with his soldiers, sailors, and commanders, and to touch the face of war. During his trip he visited the just fallen Rebel citadels of Petersburg and Richmond. He had left Washington as a war president, but returned as a reconstruction president. Trudeau will talk about the story behind the story, and how many fascinating new details about Lincoln’s visit came to light. All of this and much more is discussed at length in his latest book of the same title. “Lincoln’s Greatest Journey.”

Trudeau is the proud son of two World War II veterans. He is the prize-winning author of numerous military history articles and eight Civil War history books, including The Last Citadel, covering the entire siege of Petersburg. Southern Storm, a history of Sherman’s march through Georgia, and Gettysburg: A Testing of Courage, a fresh history of the iconic battle. His articles cover a wide spectrum with contributions covering the Revolutionary War, the Mexican-American War, World War I and II, and the Spanish Civil War.