Dr. Chris Fonvielle Jr. Honored

On February 16, 2013 at Fort Anderson, Brunswick Township Civil War event, Dr. Chris Fonvielle Jr., University of North Carolina in Wilmington, was presented with a specially prepared scroll confirming his Honorary Membership of the 290 Foundation (BVI) Inc, in recognition of his outstanding contributions researching and recording the history of the American Civil War through his lectures, published books and articles.

Dr. Chris Fonvielle Jr., a native of Wilmington, North Carolina has a lifelong interest in the American Civil War. His in-depth research focuses on Civil War naval activities, coastal operations, defenses and blockade running of the period. Presenting Chris with his membership and welcoming him formally "on board" was Robert Maffitt, a descendant of John Maffitt, and well known ambassador for his home city of Wilmington, NC. Bob Maffitt is also Honorary Vice-President (US) of the 290 Foundation.

In sending his good wishes to Dr Fonvielle, Ian Dewar, President of the 290 Foundation, said he hoped this presentation would strengthen the ties between British and American historians interested in the most significant period of their common history.


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