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BCWRT meets on the first Tuesday of the month September through June Registration opens at 6:30 Program starts at 7:00 Hatch Auditorium, Baptist Assembly, Caswell Beach


"Unlucky in War: Confederate General Braxton Bragg," Chris Fonvielle

Feb 6 2018 - 7:00pm

Could a Civil War army general with a reputation for being organized and a strict disciplinarian succeed by employing uninspired military tactics, be seriously insubordinate to his superiors, and lacked post-battle follow through that turned victories into tactical disappointments? Add a sour disposition, a penchant to blame others for defeat, and exercise poor personnel skills, and this describes a rather unique senior military officer. To understand more about this individual, the Brunswick Civil War Round Table has invited a special guest speaker for their Tuesday, February 6th   meeting. He is the popular and well-respected local historian and UNCW associate professor of history, Chris E. Fonvielle, Jr., Ph.D. His topic is entitled, “Unlucky in War: Confederate General Braxton Bragg.”

Bragg is generally considered among the worst generals of the Civil War. He gave the order to retreat following inconclusive battles at Perryville, Kentucky and Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He was outmaneuvered in the Tullahoma Campaign, and was routed by Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant in the battles for Chattanooga. Throughout these campaigns, he fought almost as bitterly against some of his uncooperative subordinates as he did against the enemy as they made multiple attempts to have him replaced as army commander. One such individual was Leonidas Polk, a close ally of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and a known enemy of Bragg. Although his commands often outnumbered those he fought against, most of his battles ended in defeat. The only exception was a victory in the Battle of Chickamauga, considered the bloodiest battle in the Western Theater. 

Chris Fonvielle is highly qualified to share some interesting perspectives and occurrences about this controversial Confederate general. Chris is a local celebrity; a totally committed Civil War historian with a vast knowledge and a lifelong interest in the American Civil War. His primary focus is the Lower Cape Fear region, Civil War coastal operations and defenses, blockade running, and the navies.  He currently teaches courses about the Civil War which is where he gets his dynamic presentation style. He is known for captivating his audiences during every presentation, regardless of the subject matter. By attending the upcoming Tuesday, February 6th meeting the audience will find his presentation both captivating and entertaining. In addition, Chris is a prolific author, including, “The Wilmington Campaign: Last Rays of Departing Hope,” “Faces of Ft. Fisher, 1861 – 1864,” and his most recent book entitled, “To Forge a Thunderbolt: Ft Anderson and the Battle of Wilmington.” 

"Robert E. Lee at Gettysburg," Noah Trudeau

Mar 6 2018 - 7:00pm

Noah Andre Trudeau, author of military history articles and eight Civil War history books including the Revolutionary War, the Mexican-American War, the Spanish Civil War, and World War I and II. The title of his presentation is "Robert E. Lee at Gettysburg."

"Thucydidies and the Coming of the Civil War," Dick Sommers

Apr 3 2018 - 7:00pm

Dr. Richard J. (Dick) Sommers, award-winning historian and author of over 100 books, articles, chapters, entries, and reviews of the Civil War.  His topic will be "Thucydidies and the Coming of the Civil War" which compares the Peloponnes War, a civil war between the Greeks which took place between 431-404, with the American Civil War. 

"The Atlanta Campaign and Confederate General John Bell Hood," Steve Davis

May 1 2018 - 7:00pm

Steve Davis is a renowned Civil War historian, author, Book Review Editor for Blue & Gray magazine, speaker and consultant for TV documentaries, who speakes at numerous Civil War Round Tables and historical societies.  His topic will be "The Atlanta Campaign and Confederate General John Bell Hood." 

"Letters of Hood's Texas Brigade," Susannah Ural

May 29 2018 - 7:00pm

Susannah Ural, Ph.D., Distinguished Alumni Professor of the Humanities, and co-director of the Dale Center for the Study of War & Society in the history department at the University of Southern Mississippi, will return to discuss "Letters of Hood's Texas Brigade." 

Please note that the date of the June meeting has been changed to May 29th due to availability of Hatch Auditorium.